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Helpful Guidelines for Parents

Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement is a necessity. Redwood Middle School encourages a strong home/school connection and strong family/community ties. Redwood conducts many events throughout the school year, and we encourage parent participation. Please review our monthly & weekly calendars and support your child’s school throughout the year. We provide several tools to help keep you informed.

Parent Surveys are distributed each spring to obtain input and feedback from parents to determine how the school can improve. We strongly encourage your participation in this survey.



Clear and consistent communication between adults sets the foundation for a student to do well. Monthly & Weekly Calendars are sent via pupil path to all registered parents. These email blasts includes all school news, after-school activities, trips, meetings, and workshops.

If a situation arises in a classroom and you have any questions you should always contact the classroom teacher first. The teacher can be contacted through email, pupil path or phone. Please Note: Once a message is sent to a teacher (by phone or email) a teacher has 48 hours to respond. If your concern is more urgent, please contact the parent coordinator who will then address your concern to someone who can assist you much sooner.

A.) Pupil Path

    • It is important that all parents to register with pupil path as soon as they are given the registration information from the school.
    • Pupil Path is our primary way of keeping in touch with all families regarding all things Redwood. Any and everything that is going on within the building no matter how big or how small will be sent as a pupil path message.
    • Pupil Path is easy to navigate and can be accessed by laptop or cell phone.
    • Parents are also able to log in to pupil path and track their child’s progress. In pupil path parents will see graded classwork, homework, quizzes and test. They will also see actual grades students are receiving.
    • There is always a pupil path training workshop held at the beginning of the school year by Ms. Williams but parents are always welcomed to come in and meet with Ms. Williams if they need a one on one tutorial by appointment.

B.) Phone Blasts

    • Redwood also uses a system that sends out messages through the phone. These are known as phone blast.
    • These messages tend to be shorter in length and are sent between 6pm and 9pm.
    • Phone blasts will only go to numbers that are on file with the school when the student is initially registered. If there is a change in your number please let the main office know. If your number is not updated, you will not receive the phone blast.

Classroom Teacher Communication

  • Although as a school Redwood uses pupil path, some teachers may use other means of communication to communicate with classroom parents.
  • Some teachers may use pupil path and other teachers may use different apps. The teacher will let families know which emails and modes of communication they will be using to directly communicate with their students and families.
  • Again, whichever means of communication teachers use for their classroom is in addition to pupil path. For all school-wide messages pupil path is used.


*Please be mindful of information and deadlines communicated to families. Deadlines must be adhered to and respected. It is the responsibility of parents and students to request clarification of any policy, event, or issue prior to any posted deadline..